Building better futures starts with conscious community.

Yoga is not a physical practice, it is a spiritual lifestyle philosophy which can be applied to all aspects of our lives.

As sentient beings, we all want to live in the best environment possible - we want the Earth to thrive in every aspect so that we can all live in abundant, peaceful, happiness. 



 - Mahatma Gandhi

In order for change and evolution to happen globally, we must all step up and take accountability, and responsibility for our individual duty in this catalyst of global growth. This change is manifested from working on ourselves and our communities. We must initiate and inspire change from the ground up, and as simply as that - Love multiplies effortlessly.


There is no stronger force of power than Love.


At Yaami Yoga we encourage feeding unconditional Love back into communities as we believe this is the most significant way to improve our universally shared surroundings, and the living conditions of all beings. 


When we give, we also open ourselves up to receive. There truly is an abundance of resources in the world, more than enough to allow us all to thrive. Social conditioning and consumerism encourages us into a “hoarding and fear of scarcity” mindset - but it’s imperative that we tune back into generous and compassionate service so that we can all not only survive - but thrive.


How can you provide service and Love to your community?


This doesn’t need to necessarily be financially, perhaps it could be something as simple as your time or skills!

Is there something that you could do weekly to help those in need?

Perhaps it could be going to a local hospice, or children’s home, and reading the residents a book, or playing board games with them.

If you are a hairdresser, perhaps you could provide a free haircut weekly to women in a domestic abuse safe house.

There are many ways we can effortlessly give back - we just need to be creative and dream!

You can approach local organisations to see if there is anyway that you can provide help with your time, Love or services. 


Here is a list of ideas for charities / organisations that you could help in your own community:


  • Mental Health Organisations

  • Suicide Prevention Organisations

  • Drug / Alcohol Addiction Centres

  • Abuse / Trauma Support Organisations

  • Cancer Survivor Organisations

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Refugee Organisations

  • Children’s Homes 

  • Domestic Abuse Refuges

  • Young / Single Mother Support Organisations

  • Disability Support Organisations

  • Hospices and Old Peoples Homes

  • Veteran Organisations

  • People Of Colour / Civil Rights Organisations

  • Anti-Bullying Organisations

  • Hospitals / Schools / Police / Fire Fighters / Army

  • Sea Rescue & Life Guard Organisations 

  • Environmental Sustainability Organisations

  • Animal Charities

  • Fair Trade and Ethical Commerce Organisations 



There are many projects that we support that will be added to this page soon, here are a few suggestions...


SAMARITANS UK - Suicide Helpline


The Samaritans is a UK based Charity, which is run by volunteers. They provide the priceless service of providing a safe communication platform for those suffering with mental health problems or situational despair which can lead to suicide.

Carmen can personally vouch for their integrity. Without the Samaritans, she wouldn't be here today.

Their volunteers are trained in order to competently hold space for those who may be in the process of taking their own life, or planning to.

Mental Health disorders or situational despair which can lead to suicide, are not widely understood by society - especially if you have never experienced a mental health issue, or overwhelming despair. It is not so 'easy' to reach out to those around you in these times which are often accompanied by intense shame, self blame and guilt. The Samaritans provide a safe space so that individuals who are in immediate and urgent need of a friend or support, are met with someone who is trained to deal with such situations. 

$12 is the price of eating one meal out in a restaurant... 

By donating $12 you could cover the cost of 2 calls - which could literally save 2 lives.

The link below takes you to their website, you can donate to save lives via PayPal (or various other options).



BAWA - Bali Animal Welfare Association


BAWA is a charity which supports animals of all varieties here in Indonesia. They do amazing work, and Carmen can personally vouch for them and their ethics.

As an avid animal lover, she is always taking in and feeding strays, along with providing medical needs and re-homing. BAWA has helped on various occasions with certain situations that have been beyond her capabilities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, charities such as BAWA are struggling due to a lack of tourism. Not only financially, but also in terms of facilities. They are lacking volunteers as no one is able to travel, and also many of the tourists which would usually be here - would feed and help to look after Bali’s large stray cat and dog population. BAWA do not only help cats and dogs, they deal with all types of exotic animals also, including rescue operations.


If you can donate, even the smallest amount, this helps towards looking after souls who really need the Love.

$5 is simply the amount of drinking one coffee...

If you click "make a single donation now" on the link below, it takes you directly to their PayPal, and besides - coffee isn't that good for the nervous system anyway ;)

Thank you so much!




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