Carmen is a Certified Sacred Ayurvedic Birth & Postpartum Doula, currently based in Bali Indonesia.

Deeply called to support women, in all areas of their lives, Carmen has extensively studied Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga, DONA certified Birth & Postpartum Doula trainings, along with Ayurvedic Yogic Management for Prenatal & Postpartum women.

The basis of her support lies in the philosophy that 'All births are sacred, spiritual and natural' irrespective of vaginal or caesarian section delivery.

Thoroughly committed to removing the issues of confusion, isolation, shame and stress that mothers can experience around birth and parenting, she believes in Empowering women to make their own intuitive decisions, from the innate Divine ancestral knowledge within.

With the flexibility to entirely tailor your package to suit your own individual needs, you can rest assured that your support will be fully customized for your beautiful family.

You are also able to combine your custom Sacred Doula package with individual Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga classes which holistically support mothers from conception to postpartum in body, mind and Spirit.

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If you are not sure what a doula is, or why you need one, please check out our blog post below:



With this comprehensive package you receive full support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum either online, or in person.

The offering includes; prenatal Yoga, birth plan, childbirth and postpartum workshops, and full doula support for birth and postpartum mothers.

Your support journey with Yaami Yoga is designed to ensure that you feel knowledgeable, empowered and fully equipped to birth your child into the world with comfort and confidence. 

Everything listed below is included in your package, but you are able to tailor your package accordingly, please contact us to arrange a free call so we can discuss what you feel you would benefit from!

Our ethos is that every woman deserves the right to support during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Having the support of a trained doula, and access to education which improves the lives of mothers and children - should never be a luxury!

  • 3 x Tailored Prenatal Yoga Classes

(1 hour 30 mins per class)


We will practice Prenatal Yoga which allows us to explore the skills necessary to access feminine flow,​ and strength, needed for childbirth and motherhood.

This embodied discovery of the True Self, combined with exploring the wisdom of our ancestral Heart allows us to cultivate this deep sense of trust, empowerment and support from within.

Classes can be held online or in-person.

  • Birth Plan, Childbirth and Postpartum Workshops

(6 hours total)


Your support includes 3 comprehensive workshops which cover all the things a mother needs to know to bring her beautiful baby into the world. The focus is on education which produces an empowered, and enjoyable experience for mother and child.

The workshops are group sessions and are 2 hours each day, held on zoom at 4pm Bali time (Makassar GMT +8, Indonesia Time Zone)

The upcoming dates for the next Empowered Mama workshops are:

1) Saturday 9 + Sunday 10 + Saturday 16 January 2021 

2) Saturday 20 + Sunday 21 + Saturday 27 February 2021 

3) Saturday 3 + Sunday 4 + Saturday 10 April 2021 

In the workshops we will cover:

  • How to create your birth plan and all the aspects you may want to consider

  • We simplify the practical aspects of your sacred birth and motherhood journey, so that you can feel organized, prepared and grounded for the special day

  • We demystify and simplify medical jargon so that you are able to make your own informed decisions

  • We will explore and cover an expansive array of techniques and skills needed for childbirth and motherhood such as; 

    • Understanding labor and childbirth - the stages of labor, signs of labor - and much more!

    • Labor breathing techniques, birthing positions and labor techniques for the special day (including birthing ball and rebozo techniques) 

    • Comprehensive baby care such as; breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby wearing, bathing, sleeping, diaper changing, soothing techniques, natural holistic wellness for newborns - and much more!

    • Practical mother and baby postpartum care for holistic healing such as placenta, cord and tear care, lactation support, family bonding, and much more!

    • We will explore the practical considerations for seamless integration into new family life flow and dynamics

    • We will explore respected, reliable, resources and research on childbirth and postpartum topics, which enables you to arrive at your own educated, informed decisions.

    • You will receive a handy resource list of professionals, whom cater for pregnancy and mothers

  • Unlimited Support Phone Support

You will receive unlimited support via WhatsApp through messages or phone calls. You are not alone, and can ask about anything you need support with! We keep in close contact during your journey so that your needs are met.

  • Birth and Postpartum Doula Care

(8 hours for private doula meetings, with labor and postpartum doula support)

If you would like, Carmen is available to support you as a doula during labor, delivery, and postpartum - this is included in the package but optional.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions this can either be in person, or the support can be via video call throughout the labor and birth.

The doula care included in your package (optional)

  • 2 private pre-labor meetings (2 hours each) to give tailored support and care.

  • 2 private post-labor meetings (2 hours each) to give tailored support, care and assistance in whatever manner you need.

  • Online or in-person labor and delivery support - Consistent support from the start of early labor until 24 hours after birth.

  • Labour & Newborn Photos

If I am present during birth I am able to take photos of special moments during your journey. 




"Working with Carmen has helped me to connect with my breath, body and baby - and understand the changes happening in my first pregnancy. Learning the breathing techniques and ways of opening my body safely, have made me feel empowered and excited for the many changes to come."

 - Allira, Australia

"I have been doing yoga with Carmen for a while now. She is a kind, patient, knowledgeable and a grounding Yoga teacher.

When I started my classes with Carmen I really didn’t know much about Yoga and I was very anxious about my impending labour and delivery, in a matter of a few classes Carmen managed to help me understand what my body is capable of and is making me feel very centered and relaxed.

Her classes always leave me feeling calm, grounded, supported and energized. She is very attentive and listens to my worries which I have really appreciated - especially when she takes the time out of her busy schedule to give practical advice.

She is an outstanding person and Yoga teacher and I genuinely feel very lucky to share my Yoga practice and pregnancy journey with her.

To anyone looking to start Yoga, whether new or advanced in Yoga, I would thoroughly recommend her classes. Thank you for the amazing classes Carmen,  I really do appreciate them."

 - Portia, United Kingdom

"I'm taking prenatal private classes with Carmen. Every class is a great stimulation for me! I Love to start my day practicing with the breathing exercises, stretching my body and getting so much positive charge and absolute feeling of Love and connection with my baby. She is really attentive to every detail, looking all the time for individual approaches in accordance with my state and feelings, taking care of me all the time, and not only during her classes! The exercises we were doing helped my baby to turn into the right position for birth, and I believe all this preparation will help me a lot during delivery. Thanks to Carmen I’m feeling more confident and relaxed at the same time. So happy we chose the right yoga teacher"

 - Inna, Ukraine


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