As teachers, its a great honor to be of service to our collective community.

It is such a pleasure to connect with beings from all over the world, all seeking the same thing;

to connect to our own authentic inner being, and to live life in its most vibrant expression, directly from the Heart.

Thank you for stepping up. 

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for courageously following your Heart.

Thank you for leaving your footprints in our Hearts.

We love you.

Here are some kind words from our beloved Yogic family 



"My time spent with Carmen, Yaami Yoga, was truly amazing!!! 

I felt so comfortable, safe, and welcomed right away, and was full of gratitude when the workshop was over!

Carmen and all the friends I met here are like my best friends and they shared so much of their journeys during our time together. 

Carmen brings so much knowledge, information and lots of Love to the workshop, it helped me shift my perspective of how I see myself and others.

There are so many great things I could tell you about this whole experience.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this workshop and thank you so much! I highly recommend!"

 - Wenztu, USA

“Yaami Yoga workshop was a life changing experience for me. Before I had never understood the importance of sexual education and understanding a woman’s body. 

Having started my Yoga journey in January 2019, I never thought I would meet such an inspiring woman who connects and speaks from the Heart.

It was the first time where I felt free to have conversations about sex, and learnt about things that can help to improve a woman’s life without the use of expensive products or even mainstream medicines.

These sessions have taught me about the importance of trusting Mother Nature to heal and feed our bodies and minds.

I personally connected with Carmen as if I had known her for years, the space was safe for us to have conversations on topics that are usually taboo to talk about.

The space allowed us as women to be free and vulnerable.

I was so inspired by Carmen and learning about our bodies, how to care for them, and being conscious of what we put into our bodies.

I felt a sense of sisterhood, having Carmen and Blanka was like having big sisters share their life experiences to help empower others. 

From these womens meetings I have learnt a lot that has helped to improve my sex life and my health. I never knew about alternative safe natural methods that are kinder to my body.

These sessions made me feel free, and to know that whatever I feel as a woman is valid, and that there are sisters across the globe who will always be there. 

Sisters that pull me up, who want to grow with me, by sharing such knowledge and wisdom about women’s health.

I have been inspired and will in the near future start my own womens sharing circle to empower and help women in my community.

- Sphindile, South Africa

"Even though I only got to meet Carmen virtually online, I felt the genuine Heart to Heart connection. 

It is impossible not to smile when Carmen smiles.

Being 20 years old, I feel very blessed to have felt the love, encouragement and trust of this beautiful woman that helped me get in touch with my inner self.

I am so thankful for the wisdom and bright love you share"

 - Kim, Germany

"Carmen is a wonderful teacher / yogi / friend / human being.
Her knowledge and compassion for other's is wonderful to be a recipient of, and also to observe. 
I have shared things - and asked Carmen questions - that I would not feel comfortable asking some of my oldest friends or family.

There is no judgement, no condescending, only love and understanding, and a genuine want to be of assistance in any way she can.

As a 32 year old woman - it’s been quite a revelation to me to realize that I know very little about my own body!

Neglecting / being oblivious to what I do to my body, and even how and why, I am how I am.

Carmen's women’s talks have opened my eyes to a lot of things and encouraged me to discover more about myself, my body, and how to look after my wonderful vessel, as best I possibility can. I have a lot to learn! 

Thank you for every thing Carmen...
I couldn’t recommend your mentorship or friendship highly enough to anyone - I feel very blessed our paths have crossed"

 - Sophie, United Kingdom


"I am deeply grateful for the work Carmen does. With an open Heart, loving kindness and her profound knowledge she encouraged me to look deeper.

She is a great support with every question you could possibly have and you can always count on her.

Thank you so much!"

 - Julia, Austria

"The most secure inner paradise to explore with Carmen.

A beautiful, down to earth, knowledgeable teacher who has so much to share"

 - Yinchi, Australia


"Carmen - The Hurricane Goddess.

I honestly don’t know where to start - in a good way of course!
Carmen is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met (on zoom and on the phone).
I have never communicated with someone the way I have with Carmen, without physically meeting them in person.

I remember my first phone call with Carmen - it was like I was chatting to my best mate or even myself! LOL.

All of my worries, and concerns, were answered and I was happy and excited.

Throughout the course Carmen was a superhuman, it was like she was on call 24/7 and always met my needs and the needs of all the other students.

She has a wealth of knowledge, and shares this with you all the time. The course can at times be a real emotional roller-coaster and there is a lot of self inquiry involved.

Carmen was fully supportive in this journey, and has honestly helped me become the person and teacher I am today.

Carmen really opens up and shares personal life experiences, which sets a platform for you to be fully expressive and share all of your experiences - and not feel judged or silly.

Alongside the course a separate women’s group was set up for us to really be open, and share women related personal experiences which was mind blowing and helped me in so many ways, by giving me the support and strength to action these changes.

She cares so much, and has such a open Heart. 

I know that one day I will go to Bali and be able to meet this beautiful soul and be able to thank her in person. 
Everyone needs a Carmen in their life. Gratitude and Love"

 - Steph, United Kingdom


"Working with Carmen has helped me to connect with my breath, body and baby - and understand the changes happening in my first pregnancy. Learning the breathing techniques and ways of opening my body safely, have made me feel empowered and excited for the many changes to come."

 - Allira, Australia

"I have been doing yoga with Carmen for a while now. She is a kind, patient, knowledgeable and a grounding Yoga teacher.

When I started my classes with Carmen I really didn’t know much about Yoga and I was very anxious about my impending labour and delivery, in a matter of a few classes Carmen managed to help me understand what my body is capable of and is making me feel very centered and relaxed.

Her classes always leave me feeling calm, grounded, supported and energized. She is very attentive and listens to my worries which I have really appreciated - especially when she takes the time out of her busy schedule to give practical advice.

She is an outstanding person and Yoga teacher and I genuinely feel very lucky to share my Yoga practice and pregnancy journey with her.

To anyone looking to start Yoga, whether new or advanced in Yoga, I would thoroughly recommend her classes. Thank you for the amazing classes Carmen,  I really do appreciate them."

 - Portia, United Kingdom

"I'm taking prenatal private classes with Carmen. Every class is a great stimulation for me! I Love to start my day practicing with the breathing exercises, stretching my body and getting so much positive charge and absolute feeling of Love and connection with my baby. She is really attentive to every detail, looking all the time for individual approaches in accordance with my state and feelings, taking care of me all the time, and not only during her classes! The exercises we were doing helped my baby to turn into the right position for birth, and I believe all this preparation will help me a lot during delivery. Thanks to Carmen I’m feeling more confident and relaxed at the same time. So happy we chose the right yoga teacher"

 - Inna, Ukraine



"Carmen is without a doubt the best Yoga Teacher I have ever had. I used to do Yoga simply for exercise, but Carmen has opened my eyes to the many other benefits that Yoga can bring. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her practice and always highly supportive of my learning. She is full of encouragement, and always strives to answer any questions I might have. As someone who has dealt with insomnia and anxiety for many years, it has been both Empowering and fascinating to learn how breathing exercises can be used to still the mind, ready for meditation. I still have so much to learn, but already I have learned to access an inner stillness that I didn't know I had in me. I am so very grateful to Carmen for this."

 - Emily, United Kingdom


"Carmen is an amazing teacher who gives so much of herself. She always takes in how you are feeling & adjusts your class to suit your needs. She is very knowledgeable & has beautiful messages throughout her practice.

Thank you Carmen for your time & wisdom"

 - Paulina, Australia


"I would love to share how beautiful it is having Carmen as a teacher, friend, angel, family and as a guide in my life…..

Carmen made me feel safe and confident that I chose the perfect and right place for me.

She was so sweet and patient. It was also nice having Carmen to talk to, and not just to talk about Yoga, but the opportunity to talk about different topics, share opinions, knowledge and thoughts with her, and feeling that she was not only a Teacher, but also a friend.

Carmen made us feel so special, taking care of even the smallest detail.
I went through a very traumatic situation and I immediately received messages from Carmen, showing me her Love, support, energy and time for me.

I confessed to her everything I felt, and at that time it was just negative thoughts. I was disappointed in people, and suddenly what I learned in my Yoga Teacher Training disappeared, and she was sending me videos and messages to make me smile, breath, words that helped me feel safe again, to learn, to let go, to forgive and move on.

And thanks to her, I believed in people again, that perhaps the world can be full of violence and evil, but the world also has these people who will guide you, who will send you Love, support and Light to trust again.

So it was so clear for me - that in the world there are more good people, than bad people.

I have no words to thank the universe and life for having Carmen in my life. Now I know that if I need advice, a little Light, inspiration, or someone to talk with, I can count on her in any time, and that she can count on me and that it will be a mutual Love.

It is a blessing to have crossed our paths and I am so grateful every day.


 - Alonso, Mexico


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